Dr. Rudolf  R. Windsor

                                                              From Babylon to Timbuktu

                                                                                       Chapter  IV


                                                                            The Original Black Jews      

     Originally all the Hamites and Shemites (or Semites) were black. Abraham was a black Shemite and descendant of Shem. The name of Abraham was Abram before he was referred to as Abraham. The three Hebrew Patriarchs were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This Jacob begot twelve sons, who later fathered the twelve tribes of Israel. Abraham, was the father not only of the Hebrew-Israelite nation, but also of the Arab nation.

     Now, the mother and grandmother of the Arabian nations were black Hamites Egyptian women, and the father of the Arabian were Abraham and Ishmael (black Shemites). At a certain time, there were hard feelings between Sarah (Abraham’s wife) and Hagar, Sarah’s maid servant; so Hagar fled from Abraham’s house and dwelt in the wilderness. Josephus, the Jewish historian, wrote that Ishmael married an Egyptian woman.  As a result he begot twelve sons: Nebajoth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadar, Jetur, Naphish, and Kedemah. These twelve sons became twelve tribes and inhabited the region from the Euphrates to the Red Sea in the Arabian peninsula. This country is known today as Arabia. To those who do not believe that the ancient Arabians were black, I would like to make one point crystal clear. If your mother and grandmother  were black, I am positive thet you would have many colored features.

     Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the twelve tribes of Israel were all black people This I shall prove to you by a gradual method.

    After Joseph was sold down into Egypt as a slave, we find in the forty-second chapter of Genesis that he has become the viceroy of Egypt.  Joseph’s ten brothers came into Egypt (Egypt is in Africa) to buy corn because a famine was in the land. All new comers who came into Egypt had to buy corn from Joseph; but when Joseph ten brothers came to Africa they did not recognize him because Joseph had grown up and the Egyptians were a black people like the sons of Jacob. Jacob ten sons considered Joseph to be another black Egyptian. We know this to be true because the ten brothers returned and reported this to their father: “The man who is the lord of the land spoke roughly to us…. ” Furthermore, if Joseph had been white he would have aroused the curiosity of his brothers very rapidly. We really do not need any more proof that the Israelites were black; but for the sake of argument I will offer it.

    In may places in the Bible we find the sons of Jacob and the later Israelites taking black Canaanite women for wives.  If the ancient Israelites were not originally black, they would be after the intermingling with black Canaanite men and women. When the king (Pharoah) of Egypt promulgated an edict to cast all the Hebrew male babies into the Nile River, Miriam and her mother hid the baby Moses in a basket alongside the river. Meanwhile, Pharoah’s daughter came down to the Nile to wash herself, and she saw the basket and the baby, Moses. Pharoah’s daughter knew that the baby was a Hebrew and she adopted him. If Moses had been a white baby, it would have been difficult to conceal him from her father’s anger.  In the period of Moses, the black Egyptians enslaved black Jews.

    Another point to prove that the Jews were black is the leprosy laws, written in the thirteenth chapter of Leviticus, and explained in the second chapter of this book.

   The strangest and most amazing phenomena concerning biblical leprosy was that the skin turned white.  These laws of leprosy was given were given to the nation of Israel and they could not apply to a white nation.

Herbert Wendt wrote in his Book, It began in babel: “All indications point to the fact that Asia was the cradle of the black race.”

    It is written in the book of Daniel 7:9: “I beheld till the throne was cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was whit as snow, and the hair of His head pure wool:  His throne was like the fiery flame, and His wheels as burning fire.”

   The meaning of the verse is as follows “I beheld till the thrones were cast down.” The thrones were placed down and erected.  ” And the Ancient of days did sit.” The God of the universe is the Ancient of days who sat on the throne. “And the hair of His head like pure wool.” Daniel saw an anthropomorphic form of God judging the nations in the appearance of a venerable man with woolly hair like a black man. Daniel, the prophet,  and the people in his environment (the Babylonians) must have had woolly hair for him to dream of God having woolly hair.

Many Israelites in biblical time intermarried with Canaanite-Hamitic tribes; and if the Jews were not black, the Israelites became much darker (of a surety) after the intermingling.